eggid Egg Stamp 
red, green or black, pre-soaked, for up to 30,000 imprints

stocktitled stamp $49.90**

with individual producer code or text (font: Arial) $69.90**

with individual fonts, logo or artwork $79.90**

eggid Egg Stamp Ink
5 bottles á 1,5ml (approx. 20,000 imprints each) for refill, red, green or black 

Imprint Options

Please choose one of the following imprint options in the order form:

one line




in a circle



with logo
max. ø 5/8" (16mm)

Please click on choose file in the order form and choose a printable template of your logo (max. 2 MB).


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Hereby I order the following goods:

Qty Item Text/Logo Imprint Colour
egg ink red (5 bottles a 1,5ml)
egg ink green (5 bottles a 1,5ml)
egg ink black (5 bottles a 1,5ml)

Payment methods

Payment method

**plus $14.90 shipping costs per order inside Australia and New Zealand ($6.90 for re-orders of ink only)

Please be aware, that the production of the stamp comes from Europe. Therefore your stamp order will be regularly shipped as soon as shipment from Europe is received which will take between 4 and 6 weeks. Ink will be shipped from our stock in Australia.